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Lady Eugenia Glynn Chisholm, Marchioness of Anglesey. Main Residence: Plas Newydd, Anglesley Social Residence: Beaudesert, Staffordshire - Eugenia, or Genie, is a chatterbox who spends a lot of her time half-studying things that interest her. She's most likely to ramble on about something she'd recently learned, and not *quite* gotten the details correct, but she'll fight you on any corrections. She's stalwart in what she knows, and what she thinks she knows. -She enjoys the colour Emerald green, and has been known to ask those she's traveling with to change if they're wearing more green than she is for a particular circumstance, claiming it's 'her' shade. -Even in Wales, she tries her hardest to keep up with the times, gossip, and her appearances, but is known she can overshare, or prattle on when she's in a social situation

Lady Eugenia Glynn Chisholm, Marchioness (Coco)

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