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Sophrona Ramsbury
Jul 02, 2021
In Event Coordination
Thank you for joining us for.... This entirely player-hosted, player-planned, and player-managed event was a stunning success, thanks to the enthusiasm of all who participated in it. Look for your midnight dance writeups in the August Society Gazette, and a special extra surprise in the mail, personalized to your character. This year’s Denouement Ball follows a theme of animal masks and tarot cards. It will surely lead to many mysteries to be solved through the off season. Who was that charming dance partner? Who did you spill your drink on? No one knows who you are, save those you’ve told. Of course, to find out who’s who, you’ll have to write to all manner of people to find them. The annual Denouement Ball is hosted at the Duke of Somerset's personal estate, and marks the end of the London season. It is an evening of mystery and enchantment, romance and possibility. The Unofficial RJ Fan Club Discord mods have created a system in which you may set up and partake in small scenes during the event. Please follow the instructions below, and reply to this post or message me directly with any issues, concerns, or questions (we will address them in private message, here on this forum). ➼ Green Star -- Supervised / Best Behavior (Safe for all) ➼ Green Star over Yellow -- Mostly Supervised / Mostly good behavior (Safe for all) ➼ Yellow Star over Green -- Loosely Supervised / Safe for married & widowed persons. Potentially Scandalous for those on the Market. ➼ Yellow Star -- Afford a little bit of privacy, but there's also some reputation security. ➼ Red Star over Yellow -- Minimal Supervision, although footmen do make regular patrols of the grounds. Being caught alone here isn't scandalous, being caught with someone could be. ➼ Red Star -- Afford more privacy but have zero reputation protection. As designed, your ads and replies will be visible to others. There could be those who seek to ruin your reputation and unmask you. After you've picked your color, animal, and tarot mask, register as a guest here: Note: This is not the official Incantrix RSVP to the ball; this ensures you're able to post an ad/reply in our system. Want to create a specific scene or event at the ball, with a masked stranger? Post an ad briefly outlining what you're looking to have happen. You may post as many or as few as you'd like: Browse all posted ads: Be sure to pay attention to the parameters at the bottom of the ad (e.g., if the poster is prefers to dance with a male-presenting person and you are a female-presenting person, don't reply to the ad that you will dance with them). If you see an ad you wish to partake in, post a reply with any additional details the poster should know (e.g., "I will be carrying a small cat that I can toss at you as part of this scene, if you'd like"): Want to see all responses to your ad? Message me and I will provide your personal link (if there are no replies yet, it will be blank). Note: If you have a player blocked in the game, let us know at this point and we will ensure you do not end up accidentally interacting with them in a scene. To accept or decline a reply to your ad, make a note of the reply number and complete this form: Note: "Closed" ads will no longer display in the Ad gallery. Declined replies will no longer appear in your personal reply viewer. To see all ads with accepted replies (e.g., what your character may have seen during the evening), go here: To submit photos of your mask and/or attire for the evening, use and see the gallery of masks and outfits at Ads set the tone, while replies set the time. Examples: Sweet — You helped me get unstuck from someone’s dress. Romantic — You danced with me when I found myself alone. Saucy — We reached for the same glass of punch…no one wound up getting the punch, but when our hands touched, lightning struck. Messy — You almost set my hair on fire when you knocked me against a candelabra. Spicy — we shared a drunken fumble before Duchess Richmond clapped eyes on us and we scarpered. Do keep in mind there are servants and chaperones all over during this event, including mamas and the trustees of your banks, because it is being hosted at a private, opulent, residence. Public displays of affection with someone to whom you are not married risk your reputation, and may result in gossip, blackmail, demand for financial restitution, a challenge to a duel, or requirement of an immediate engagement to each other. Have fun!
The Denouement Masquerade Ball
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Sophrona Ramsbury
Mar 02, 2021
In General Discussion
Is your character known (discreetly!) for being the person to go to for their specific expertise/connections? List them in a comment below, along with their purported specialty (no more than 3, please) and their class (so you can determine whether your player would be in their social circle or not). Note: This is NOT required. This is a resource for players to recommend other players to those who might not be on the forums but are searching for additional connections and/or plot. Your character can be an actual expert in this or they can be rumored to be an expert in this but not actually be- the whole idea is furthering connections based on perception. Note 2: This is about what your character knows/does, more than who your character is. Please focus on skills and expertise (rumored or true), rather than personality. Example of how this would work: Player A is known amid their social circle for having an excellent eye for racehorses. Player B is in Player A's social circle, and engages communications with Players C, D, and E. Player B learns (via the newsletter, direct correspondence, or rumors from other players) that Player D intends to buy a racehorse. Player B can include in their next correspondence to Player D that they've heard Player A has an uncanny ability to identify top-tier racehorses, and perhaps Player D should contact them? Player D now has the name of Player A and can write to them on the pretext of buying a racehorse (and in doing so, they can all enjoy some plot developments). Looking to deepen your character's connections with others, forming drama worthy of writing about? You should also check out @Duke James Richmond (Greg)'s Character Tie BINGO: (will update with additions) Running List of "Experts" Name: @Sophrona Ramsbury Known for: Finding unusual new dishes/foods and sending them to others (generally heavily spiced foods) Class: Nobility Name: @Earl Nicholas Howard Known for: Animal expertise and collection (both domestic and exotic) Class: Nobility Name: @Eleanor Savery (Hilary) Known for: Matchmaking (romantic and otherwise) Class: Nobility Name: @Duke James Richmond (Greg) Known for: Horse breeding, ethical art/antiques curation, throwing excellent parties & hunts Class: Nobility Name: @Lady Violet Heloise Blankeney-Coventry (Elizabeth) Known for: Fashion advice, reading recommendations (especially in French), connecting together new debutantes for collaboration & commiseration Class: Nobility Name: @Lady/Marquess Emmeline Petty-Fitzmaurice (Robin) Known for: Collecting art/antiques/books, international travel experiences, business sense (being an investor, connecting business partners, etc.) Class: Nobility Name: @Lord Ambrose Etienne Galois (Ezekiel) Known for: Having a keen eye for fashion, being the owner and of La Couronne upon Saville Street (tailor shop), having a keen knowledge of wine (especially palm wines) Class: Nobility Name: @Lady Theodosia Graves (She/Her Rachael) Known for: Discreet pubs in which to play at being merchant-class, discerning taste in brandy, horse training Class: Nobility Name: @H. Ada Everley Whitman (Carly) Known for: Fashion trend expertise, being a patron of the arts, and being in the know about the next big arts trend/performance Class: Nobility Name: @Duchess Eudora St. Clair Known for: Botany/gardening, especially exotic flora and discreet pubs/parties in which to play at being merchant-class Class: Nobility Name: @Lady Kaeitha Vale {Allison} Known for: Gambling expertise, skill with a sword, and taste in fashion Class: Nobility Name: @Tara M. Clapper (Lady Catherine Stuart) Known for: Excellent singing voice, being devoutly Catholic, being keen about politics Class: Nobility Name: @Primrose Hazelton Known for: Breeding and training exceptional hunting dogs Class; Nobility Name: @(Rachel) Hazel Wynnewood Known for: Theatrical knowledge, musical talent, and their social machinations Class: Nouveau Riche Name: @Lady Olivia Curtis (Helen) Known for: Fossil hunting, local geography, and livestock husbandry Class: Nobility Name: @Abraham Griffen (Steve he/him) Known for: Exceptional skill at sailing, good with navigation, and good at combat (personal and nautical) Class: Nobility Name: @Lady Yvette Bellamy (Kitty) Known for: Natural philosophy, knowledge of folklore and the occult, herbal remedies and knowledge Class: Nobility Name: @Bishop William Lincoln (Dan) Know for: Knowledge of Biblical precedent for a variety of possible actions, being a discreet personal confessor, having an eye for jewelry and art appraisal Class: Clergy Name: @Octavia Thistledown (Tavvi) / (JL) Known for: Botany/medicinal potions, hosting lively salons, and giving advice/assistance to young persons. Class: N/A Name: @Lady Charlotte Merriweather (Merry) Known for: Expertise with firearms and an in-depth knowledge of sea shanties and other nautical songs Class: Nobility

Sophrona Ramsbury

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