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Out of Character: I'm Kitty, from central-Massachusetts, used to work at a sword fighting school/LARP camp, then as a vet tech, and now work for an online gaming (GMs and such for hire) company. I love my family, friends, art, dance, reading, animals, and general geekery.

In Character: Lady (formerly Mademoiselle) Yvette Simone Bellamy

Born: November 12, 1788 in France right before the revolution

Brief Bio: Yvette (Lady Bellamy) is the daughter of aristocratic refugees of the French Revolution. Her parents lost much and so can't be considered 'wealthy' but certainly are still in no fear of going without. Back in France, Yvette's mother Josephine, had found herself caught up in whispered accusations of witchcraft and wickedness after she inadvertently enraged a more powerful woman. This, coupled with the troubles that came from the revolution, was more than enough to cause the Bellamys to flee. English cousins were charitable enough to assist Yvette's family in setting up in a comfortable manor in the countryside near Hastings. Yvette enjoys the relative privacy afforded by the manor and has only minor interest in her father's recent purchase of real estate in London. Her interests mainly revolve around the pursuit of knowledge, particularly of science as well as magic, the esoteric, and the arcane. She also has great interest in folklore and tales of that sort. Her parents have been preoccupied with rebuilding their lives (and reputations) after la Terreur and she's been given more free reign than necessarily proper. Yvette considers herself a natural philosopher and while she enjoys the company of peers, she does not enjoy the restrictions expected of her station in society. She'd certainly rather be holding a scalpel than an embroidery needle, though she does enjoy drawing and watercolor as a form of art and documentation and is tolerable with stitching.

Likes: aside from above- riding, exploration, animals, plants and herbs, freedom of thoughts and actions, fashion to a degree, fossil collecting

Dislikes: organized religion (to a point, she will adapt to fit in, especially considering her mother's prior troubles), shallowness, a lack of curiosity

Known for: some portion of natural philosophy (she can conduct an autopsy, draw out parts and uses of various flora and fauna), occult knowledge (the exact degree and knowledge is likely fuel for rumors), folklore (of France, Britain, Germany, and various other reaches of the world), herbcraft

Pets: Angora cat (Gigi), Friesian horse (Zephyr), Papillion dog (Fleur)

Timeline (still WIP):

November 12, 1788 - Born

1793- Fled France and moved to English countryside

1805ish-1810ish - traveling (Germany, Turkey, Russia, among others) At some point during this time, she was introduced to the brothers Grimm in Germany and was able to pick their minds re: folklore, etc

(I updated an old Rococo era OC for Yvette and this art by my friend, Liz, was for her, so the fashion is wrong but otherwise works)

Conversation Starters for reaching out to Yvette

-Folklore (her travels brought her in touch with the Grimm brothers among others), legends, any tales of the supernatural/uncanny/fae etc

-Matters of natural philosophy (especially discoveries of new flora and fauna)

-The occult (her willingness to talk on this matter will vary wildly depending on the exact topic and who presents it, but it's definitely something that will catch her attention)

-Various fine arts or crafts

-Herbcraft and medicine

-Animals (she's very fond of her pets and horses)

-Being a fellow French emigre

-Fashion (somewhat, especially if it's outside the norm but still possibly acceptable)

Lady Yvette Bellamy (Kitty)

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