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Lt. Col. Honora Basset (Lindsay)
Feb 09, 2021
In General Discussion
Having read through the World information, it says that women, POC, etc. have equal rights to white men. However, it doesn't clarify what this actually means in a societal context. We all technically have "equal rights" in modern day, but in practice that isn't really true. For example, say a woman wanted to be a member of the military in this game. Would that be something common or uncommon? Would it be accepted/unnoticed, or unusual/weird/revolutionary? Would there be restrictions on her (like no women in combat) or would it even be allowed? There's a big difference between the ability to own property (the only right mentioned) and actually having equal access to everything. There's also a difference between something being permitted and something actually being accepted by society.

Lt. Col. Honora Basset (Lindsay)

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